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Yarn End Caps


Yarn Buggies


The Original Yarn End-Cap

These plastic end-caps are great for covering yarn tubes so that running yarn will neither be able to hang nor walk off the tube's end, even on a damaged cone. They install easily and tightly, as displayed above.

Type-1 End-Caps

These end-caps are the original design and are made to fit all standard sized yarn tubes. The smooth edges make certain that the yarn will not snare or be cut while in contact with it.


Yarn Buggies

When sturdy and long-lasting units are needed for storage, transporting, sorting, and organizing, try out our buggies! The buggies we offer are roto-molded as a seamless one-piece unit. Perfect for dye tanks, liquids, bulk powders, and slurries, but in most cases, our customers use them for their ability to move around and store yarn! Whatever your needs may be, we offer these in multiple shapes and sizes, with other optional custom features if needed.                                                                                    

Options include a range of hardware, cut-outs, drains, dollies, and stands.

Colors available are blue (standard), gray, red, green, yellow, white, natural, safety orange, or custom blended colors.                                                                                               

Shape Options: