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HAS-10 Splicer

PAS-10 Splicer

HAS-10 and PAS-10 Hand-Held Air Splicer 

New in 2010, our model HAS-10 Aluminum Air Splicer was put on a diet. This splicer currently only weights 8 OZ. An integrated brass valve assembly and machined Quick Change, Blade system has been incorporated in the design. This splicer is designed for Safer Operations. As seen there is just enough blade exposure required to cut the yarn.

At the request of our friends and associates within the textile industry, we have added several benefits to our hand-held splicer offerings. Our design objectives were:

Blade Changes are now as simple as:

Try our splicers to gain the benefits of improved production with a reduction in labor cost along with more operation safety and comfort.

*The PAS-10(plastic version) splicer is identical to the HAS-10 except this splicer weights in at only 5 Oz. It is available in either yellow or blue.


HAS-07 Hand-Held Air Splicer 

This aluminum splicer is an upgraded version of the older HAS-02 model. One of the main highlights from this model is the blade placement system. This system allows for a much cleaner and safer operation because the splicer blade is now set into the head. We've also incorporated a blade guard for further safety of the operators.

Another unique feature, thanks to a slotted design, is that only 1-screw is needed to lock the splicer chamber into place(unlike the 3 screws it previously took) . This allows for a cleaner feel, but more importantly, this means that the slot design is giving the chamber much improved hold. And finally, the combination of less screws, a NEW Safety Blade Guard system, and a slotted design makes this splicer that much more comfortable with less hand-irritation than the previous model.


PAS-05 Hand-Held Air Splicer

This is our most durable and consistent plastic yarn splicer to date, complete with a brass valve assembly.

Available colors: Blue and Yellow for right handed splicers; Only Blue for left-handed splicers. (Differing colors allow the splicers to be able to be easily distinguished for certain specific tasks, such as different yarns, machine gauges, operators, locations, operator shifts, etc.) .

Features: Slide-in blades offer greater operator safety. Improved chamber sealing (chamber is fully housed within the splicer body) . One screw option with a NEW Safety Blade Guard system. Socket-head cap screws have replaced the standard button-head screws, helping prevent less head stripping. No obstructions outside the splicer head creates a smoother splicer surface, preventing irritation to operator's fingers. Precision CNC machined plastic bodies means years of trouble-free service.

These machined bodies will neither crack nor distort like injected models. GUARANTEED.


HAS-02 Hand-Held Air Splicer

Our upgraded version of our popular HAS-92 splicer.

Features: One working mechanism, custom valve assemblies, created to our specifications to ensure proper air flow and durability. Chambers are created for perfect splices; one-splice every time, no exceptions. Splicers are also right or left hand applicable.

Specifications: Operates on plant supplied air; operating pressure between 80-130 PSI. Splices synthetic and natural yarns from 500-12000 Denier.


Revised Thermal-Drive Beam Splicer 

Model TDS-02 (Patent Pending) 

Using a unique drive system, this product allows a heating element to splice large amounts of yarn both simultaneously and quickly, without the use of either mechanical nor pneumatic components. Splices polypropylene, nylon, and polyester.

Simple design, lower cost
Improved grip-bar with element/breeze guard  improves safety and reduces heat loss due to fan  usage or other types of airflow.
Lower energy consumption reduces operating cost,  as well as, produces less heat output  fluctuation. This in-turn produces more consistent  splices.
Simple to operate and maintain
GFCI protected
Uses thermal breakers instead of fuses

Splices up to 575 yarn ends on a 72" Beam.
Operates on 120 VAC. , 220 VAC. also available.


Model HG-00 Electric Splicer

This splicer is designed to make butt-end or in-line thermal splices in synthetic yarns.

Durable Design
Easy Element Replacement
Inexpensive Element Design
Adjustable Heat Timer
Adjustable Heat Control
Easy to Operate
Low Maintenance
Mimics the Splicing Method of the TDS-02 Beam Splicer

Operates on 120 VAC. (Approx. 6 VAC. at Splicer)
Timing Adjustment:  1-10 Seconds
Splicing Range:  1200-25,000 Denier

Splicer Repair Kits

Throughout the lifetime of your splicer, minor flaws or damages may occur from daily use of the device. This kit will come in handy if a quick fix is needed to keep up the performance of your device. The kit includes a handle, valve, and rivet.

Splicer Chambers

We offer a variety of splicer chambers to help with customers specific needs for yarn types and sizes. Chambers come in Ultra Small (U), Small (S), Small Revised (SR), Medium (M), Large (L), Wool(W) and Fiberglass(G) Chambers.



We offer replacement blades for all splicer types to help you maintain max efficiency splicing.


NEW Crossover Air Splicer

We are very excited to introduce our latest splicer, the Crossover Splicer! Our industry, as well as others, have been impatiently awaiting a product that can do just what this one does - and that's being able to splice Fiberglass, Aramid, and Polyester fibers! While operating at only 60-70 PSI, the Crossover Splicer finishes splicing these materials with very strong and nearly invisible ties; making this splicer every bit as durable and efficient as all of our other Splicers that our customers have come to love.

Splicer Blades